Edmodo vs. PowerschoolWhat are they? How Do I use them?
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Mouse-over the icons to see what they are, and click on them to learn some more about how to use them. 
Powerschool is a school data management system where you can check grades and attendance. 
Edmodo is a learning network that allows for student, teacher, and parent collaboration. 
First, call or email your child’s teacher and get their class’s Edmodo Parent Code.
And then...
But, how do I use Edmodo as a parent?
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..navigate to http://www.edmodo.com, and...
Got it!!
How Do I use Powerschool?
Powerschool will be the best way that you can keep up with your child’s performance at school. 
Please note that the Access ID and Password can’t be emailed. You will need to visit the office to attain. 
If you haven’t already, you will need to go to the school office and get your student’s Acess ID and Password. 
…go to http://ps.spart7.org and ...